Platinum- Next in Line to Diamonds?


Yes, it has to be a Platinum Ring that bonds hearts forever

It is an absolute pleasure for loved up couples to choose a perfect wedding ring that will simply awe the life partners. It is a kind of a pretty ‘Happily Married’ tag that brides are eyeing months before their wedding dates, to don on their hands. But it is sure an uphill task; no, not the wedding, but finding the most beautiful and simply ‘out of the world’ ring for your wedding. It is one of those things that you will rarely take off from your hand, (i.e. if all goes well down married lane for years to come, Touch Wood!). To fit the occasion, one of the trendiest and ‘bride-flattering’ rings is the Platinum Ring.

Historical background

Platinum is an extremely rare metal and of course, you would not gift your fiancée with anything that is common, would you? It has a history that dates back to the Egyptian mummies in 1200 BC when it wasn’t even discovered but has been found in traces in their gold ornaments. However, platinum caught attention of Europeans only in the sixteenth century when it was deciphered as a white metal that does not melt by fire. It was only in 1751 that the metal was formally classified as an element which got widely popular in industrial uses as well as for making jewellery after the advent of high temperature jeweller torches.

Columbia has been the richest producer of platinum, though it no more exports the precious metal. The Ural Mountains in Russia have been the next biggest source. Presently, a majority of platinum comes from mines in South Africa.

Why is Platinum more expensive than Gold?

Though the actual rates per gram for both metals are almost the same, you might have to shell out extra bucks for a similar looking platinum ring than a gold one, as platinum has a higher density. So, more metal goes into making a ring. Purity wise too, a platinum ring touches a higher mark. Well, all the expenses seem worthy when it comes to winning your partner’s million dollar electric smile, isn’t it?

Better contemporary alternatives to Platinum?

A modern argument against Platinum is that contemporary metals are equally good if not more desirable due to their features such as ultra long durability. This has been one of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of tungsten rings as well as titanium and palladium as options for wedding bands.

Is Platinum Better than Gold?

True, all that glitters is not gold; it can be platinum as well! Platinum is naturally white in appearance. Though another white option is the white gold, but that eventually fades away to a yellow shade. If you want to give her an eternal piece of jewellery that will glitter in its whiteness throughout life, a platinum ring is just perfect for her.

Confused between 14K gold and platinum? You should know this. Though a 14K gold ring will not get scratched as easily as a platinum one (platinum is a softer metal), a platinum ring with scratches looks more like an antique ring in a ‘patina’ finish, more preferred by some. So, if the ring is worn by someone who has a very active lifestyle, it never loses its uniqueness in the long run.

Though both gold and platinum are hypoallergenic materials, platinum has the least risk of creating a skin allergy, while some people do suffer from a gold allergy (another reason to buy platinum!)

In the coming years, you might have to get your platinum ring polished for its maintenance. But platinum will not wear away after colliding with everyday objects. It is also more durable and gives a tighter setting for stones like diamonds.


After endless discussions about gold versus platinum, couples ultimately decide what suits them best according to their (actually ‘her’) choice, lifestyle and budget. But remember, a well designed engraved and unique platinum ring will be her most prized possession forever. Happy Shopping!